Bio: Education - Currently majoring in Social Anthropology at the University of Stockholm; minoring in International Relations. Spirituality - Muslim by faith, I follow the Chishti path within the Islamic discipline of Sufism. Entrepreneurship - I am the founder of a Sufi-based free kitchen called Kitchen of the Heart. We carry on the ancient Chishti practice of Langar. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook. Art - I play guitar, sing and compose my own songs and poems. This blog is a place where i share my thoughts, experiences, and the occasional poem.

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  1. It is so heartwarming to see that Abdul Ghaffar Khan continues to inspire young people. I arrived at Abdul Ghaffar Khan through the works of Gandhi, and a biography on him by Gandhi’s grandson, Rajmohan Gandhi. His auto-biography, available in translation in my language, Tamil, was hugely inspiring as well. (I’m sure, the original in Pashto must be even better). I’ve met a few people in India, who have had the privilege of seeing him from close quarters, and all of them carry fond memories of him.

    I narrate Ghaffar Khan’s story during my training sessions with school children. And everytime, I find that the young minds are deeply moved, and elevated.

    Thank you for carrying his flame. Wish you all the best.

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    • My friend, i am so happy that it warms your heart to see that Ghaffar Khan continues to inspire…… And getting this message from you is just as heartwarming… The man is just a treasure, and truly the entire world needs to know his story.. I told my school library to order the book that Eknath Easwaran wrote about him, “Non-Violent Soldier Of Islam” and so now he is in our school library, for all the young swedish people to read about….

      So you arrived at him through Gandhi! That’s wonderful….. i didnt know that Rajmohan had written a book about him, wow.. i will look it up…
      And you have read his Autobiography also.. In your native language, no less 😉 (Yes, i am sure the pashto version must be quite an experience haha)

      To have met those who have met him, wow….. Those are blessings, my friend…… Strangely enough, there was a man at my school who came the other day to speak to us, from Bihar….. We spoke about Ghaffar Khan afterwards, and he said that he had met him in 1947 when Gandhi and Ghaffar came to his village! I was in awe! The world is very small indeed….

      It is wonderful that you narrate his story to the children! And so nice to hear that their “young minds are deeply moved” as you say…..

      I say to you, Keep on spreading the message of one of your greatest peacemakers, and keep on educating the young….. Thankyou for the words of encouragement and inspiration, and I send you all my support and love from Sweden… Wish you all the best too!

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