99 names – 99 Deities

Communal harmony in present day India is under threat with a series of lynchings carried out by so called Hindu Cow vigilantes on innocent Muslims and Hindu Dalits. By the grace of the divine we can draw parallels between Islamic and Hindu thought in order to bring both communities closer together and end the violence. This will be the purpose of this blog series.

For basic understanding of the title “99 names 99 deities” I will share this information snippet.

Hindus recognize one God, Brahman. Brahman is the ultimate reality and the eternal origin who is the cause and foundation of all existence. The deities of the Hindu faith represent different expressions and manifestations of Brahman.

Similarly, Muslims recognize one God, Allah. Allah also is the ultimate reality and the eternal origin who is the cause and foundation of all existence. Allah has 99 names which represent his different attributes and qualities.

1. Al Musawwir and Vishwakarma



The worlds highest minaret, the Qutb Minar in New Delhi, built around 1192, not only has Arabic script invoking Allah (swt) but also Devanagari script invoking Lord Vishwakarma, the lord of craftsmanship.

So here we can use the Qutb minar in order to bridge Islamic and Hindu philosophy and thought. Vishwakarma, known as the “architect of the whole universe”, equates to Al-Musawwir, the name of Allah which means “The fashioner, the bestower of forms, the shaper.”

May the architect of the whole universe build peace within our world. May the shaper shape understanding for one another within our hearts.


The Pashtun Preacher Of Non-Violence

“So let us all, lay down our weapons, because we cannot create peace,

until we bring peace! Education is the best weapon through which we

can fight poverty, ignorance, and terrorism! So i ask all countries, all

around the world, that let us say NO to wars, let us say NO to conflicts!

Why to pick up weapons? Why to kill each other? Why not speak?

Why not talk? I think these, are the best solutions! So let us not pick

up guns, and instead of spending money on these wars and on these

guns and weapons, why not spend this money on education?”


“We have this concept that, a country becomes powerful just because

it has an atom bomb, or it has a lot of weapons and soldiers. I think that

country is not powerful at all. A country becomes powerful, when it’s

people are educated, when its future generations, are educated! So let

us change this concept, and let us try, to focus, on People!

These were the words spoken by the Preacher Of Non-Violence as she accepted her 2014 Liberty Medal in the city of Philadelphia in the United States Of America! The award is presented by the National Constitution Center, and since the ceremony features a heavy dose of American Patriotism, I am sure that the audience had its fair share of people who believe that America’s wars and bombings in other countries are justified for the cause of freedom for all of the worlds people! I could not help but notice that after her call for Non-Violence, the applause was not as enthusiastic as it was for the other parts of her speech! Hmmm, i wonder why 😉 Let us not forget the thousands upon thousands of Americans tuning in on National Television as well to witness this historic moment! However, for those who remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and truly understood his message of Non-Violence, and those who stood alongside him fighting for freedom, I am sure that their hearts were filled with happiness upon hearing her words! 

A Muslim Pakistani girl told America, to their face, on American soil, that you are not a powerful country even though you have the worlds most powerful Military! OUCH! Wait! What?? Aren’t Muslims terrorists? Doesn’t Islam Call for Violence?? What? A Muslim calling for Non-Violence? Whaaat? A girl? A Muslim girl? Seventeen? Arent Muslim girls oppressed? What? Why did she speak a strange language and invoke God at the start of her speech? Who is she to question mighty America??! I am so proud of her for having the guts to speak the TRUTH on such an International stage, for representing that truth in such a dignified manner, and for exploding a thousand stereotypes and myths just by being who she is! This was Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s dream, a beautiful Pashtun daughter preaching Non-Violence on the world stage!

“The Liberty Medal is awarded annually by the National Constitution Center to men and women of courage and conviction who have strived to secure the blessings of liberty to people the world over.”

Sounds familiar, does it not? Blessings of liberty to people the world over! Well, a few bombs here and there are justified if we are fighting for the freedoms of people the world over!

Well, I repeat, and I EMPHASIZE, the Preacher Of Non-Violence was having none of it, and she came to teach America a lesson about the true weapon of a spiritual warrior! She roasted Obama, his government, and their violent ways right there on their home turf, and did so with peaceful passion and utmost conviction! Non-Violence is back on the world stage, and she is leading the charge!

Remember, when Gandhi was asked if Non-Violence, or as he called it, Satyagraha, was the best solution towards solving conflicts, he replied “No, I do not believe that it is the best solution, I believe that it is the ONLY solution!” Well, what did The National Constitution Center expect from the daughter of a country whose independence was won with the weapon of Non-Violence, and who’s country played a big part in influencing the outcome of America’s own Civil Rights Movement, since Dr. King himself cited Gandhi as his biggest influence and even traveled all the way to India himself on a spiritual pilgrimage?

Note : (Pakistan was India before partition, thus, their struggle was equally as Non-Violent as India’s, since they were India)

For good measure, she finished with these words :

“Together, we are stronger than any kind of Violence!”

Enough Said!