Dear friends,

With this post I will share with you my Sunday impressions.

Yesterday I attended a ceremony dedicated to the memory of Farkhunda in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, in one it’s major squares called Gustav Adolf’s torg. It started at around 18:00, and finished while the sun was on it’s way down, providing streaks of pink and orange across the sky. Swedish sunsets are always breathtaking.

I arrived early and found the people who had organized the event putting up photos of Farkhunda, laying out red flowers and petals, and putting candles on the floor, candles that spelled out her name. By the time everyone had arrived, I can only guess that we might have been 100 people, almost all from the Afghan community. Men, women, and children, all standing together in solidarity for the common goal of peace and a safer Afghanistan for it’s women. I was touched to see the people come together for Farkhunda, and although I didn’t understand the speeches, since almost all of them were in Dari, I still felt the feelings and emotions that were conveyed, and it was very heavy.

In one of the few speeches where I could understand what was being said, one of the ladies spoke of “Solidarity between men and women” as being key to ending brutality and violence towards women, and I couldn’t agree more.

I pray that Afghanistan and it’s women will one day overcome, on this day when my heart is full of sadness because of what happened to Farkhunda.



Why Abdul Ghaffar Khan Is Our Greatest Hope For Peace!

Abdul Ghaffar Khan is, in my opinion, the greatest peacemaker of all time! He dedicated his entire life to serving his Pashtun people and serving humanity, and did so, without pause, for 80 years! From opening his first girls school in 1910 in his native village of Utmanzai in the North-Western Frontier Province of what then was British India, (now Khyber Pakthunkhwa, Pakistan) until his death on January 20th, 1988, at 98 years old, this man served his people and humanity unlike no other human being has ever served!
From walking 25 miles a day to visit every single village in his part of India for years, to spending countless hours educating and uplifting his fellow Pashtuns, to encouraging Women to participate in every part of society, to turning a people who had such an intense warrior spirit, so much so that the British feared them more than any other people in the world, and who valued their guns more than anything, into history’s first and to this day ONLY Non-Violent army in order to fight against British Rule, to spending over 30 years in jail in the harshest of conditions, and somehow, near the end of his life, at age 95, still having the fire within him to continue to fight for Human Rights, this man is a true diamond of our humanity!
He was saying at age 95 that he had little concern for himself and his well being, only that he had to continue to fight to educate the future generations so that they could build a peaceful world based on Non-Violence!
Yet, moving on, he is virtually unknown outside of India, and Pakistan, and Afganistan (he has roots in all three countries, as the Pashtuns are in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and when he was born, they were in India, until Partition)

The world needs to know, and especially today’s world, that it actually has in its history a Non-Violent Army, an army that was mostly made up of Muslims, had 100,000 soldiers, MEN AND WOMEN, standing as equals, side by side, and was founded by a man who called his Non-Violence “The Weapon Of The Prophet (pbuh).” The world really needs to know this, because this, is the TRUTH! The example of these brave Pashtun people that laid down their lives without taking any life are the example that the world most needs today, and i believe that, from the bottom of my heart!

In Ghaffar Khan’s own words, from 1985 :

“Today’s world is traveling in some strange direction. You see that the world is going toward destruction and violence. And the specialty of violence is to create hatred among people and fear. I am a believer in nonviolence and I say that no peace or tranquility will descend upon the people of the world until nonviolence is practiced, because nonviolence is love and it stirs courage in people.”

I hope that the passion and example of Ghaffar Khan can light the fire of peace in all of our hearts, help to keep the flame alive for those who are going through difficult times, and cause the flame to burn brighter for those who already have it!

Now, i wont say anymore, simply go out, and READ!

Salam! Much love to you all ❤

Always Caring