Don’t talk to me

Don’t talk to me about the latest weapons deal between Saudi Arabia and the US worth billions of dollars. Talk to me about love

Don’t mention to me that the war in Syria has been going on for six years. Mention to me love

Don’t whisper to me that another brother’s blood has been spilled by the police to paint the pavements red on the streets of North America. Whisper to me love

Don’t shout out to me that you have lost your faith in humanity, that your hope is broken like a glass flower that has been dropped from the heavens. Shout out to me love

Don’t speak to me about how 56 billion animals are fed food each year by humans while millions of humans starve. Speak to me about love

Don’t engage me in a conversation about how money runs the world. Engage me in love

Don’t try to convert me to the way that your being perceives the mystery of existence. Convert me to love

Don’t yell out to me that 1 billion illiterate people can neither read this poem, nor write one of their own. Yell out to me love

Don’t ask me about my religion, my race, my language, my gender, my nationality. Ask me about love