The color of your prayer carpet

The color of your prayer carpet: Insignificant or of the highest importance?

At first glance, you might not think that the color of the prayer mat you are going to be staring at for the next five to ten minutes plays a role in just how well your prayer will go. You might not even have given it any thought.

But now is the time to open your mind to the fact that color indeed does play a key role in just how well your prayer goes, from your concentration to your overall feeling of well being.

It is well known that colors affect us and our moods. White reminds us of the light. Black reminds us of the darkness. When we are angry, we “see” red. When we are sad, we “feel” blue. We talk about “eating” green when thinking of bettering our health.

So here, I will give a list of 2 colors and talk about how these colors can affect the overall quality of our prayer.

Red – Red is an intense color that in this case can perhaps heighten the intensity of our concentration. Use this color if you feel that you are having a problem concentrating.

Blue – Blue is a calming color that has a soothing effect on the soul. This color could be of use to you if you feel that you are coming to your prayer with a lot of stress and need to wind down.

These are my two favorite colors to pray on. So here comes the million dollar question: What are yours?

Hope that this was helpful and may God bless us all with the proper consciousness while we pray, ameen


One thought on “The color of your prayer carpet

  1. Never given thought about the color but my floor is anyplace I happen to find myself praying at the moment. Rather i am in a public restroom my work, or the hike on my run. I just dont give much attention to whete i kneel.

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