Why I Love My Prophet (Peace be upon him)

He was sent as a mercy, for you, and for me, and for all of humankind,
His teachings of wisdom were like an endless river, soothing the hearts of all of those who followed behind,

The first to follow him were the women, and the orphans, and the poorest in society,
But they knew that through this man, their dreams of a better life would become a reality,

They knew that they would suffer, while walking by his side,
But as unity was the goal, they went along for the ride,

He taught that they should forgive, even if they were in pain,
To let go of hatred, so that love could remain,

He was the light, and God was the sun,
and he equally gave his compassion, to every single one,

He showed them how to pray, five times a day,
For verily, it is prayer that keeps darkness and evil, far, far away,

He would tell them to say “Assalamu Aleikum”, when they would meet one another,
May peace be upon you, now and forever,

A smile was a charity, he would tell,
So give your smiles to all, so that all may feel well,

Surrender to Allah, and do good to others,
The message of the Koran, simply knew no borders,

So powerful were his teachings, that they are still alive today,
Living within 1.6 Billion hearts, who all follow his way,

Only through the remembrance of Allah, do the hearts find rest,
This is what you have taught us, Oh you who were enlightened and blessed,

Because of your ultimate sacrifice, Islam continues to live,
And because of your shining example, we Muslims will continue to give,

This is why I love, my Prophet Muhammad,
So please join me in saying, may peace be upon him, 


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