A Koranic Journey

Peace be upon you, dear friends 🙂

I recently got an idea that I now wish to share with you all.

There are many things in life that we all share. They are all free, and cost nothing. By simply reflecting upon them, we can find happiness, inner peace, and a true connection with our creator.

So, I invite you to embark on a Koranic journey that will give you endless treasures, free of charge.

“Have they not seen the birds in mid-air? None holds them up except for Allah. Indeed, in this are signs for those who believe” (16:79)

Let us go outside, take a look up at the skies, and simply look at the birds that are flying. See how they flap their wings with such grace, and float on the winds so effortlessly. Isn’t it beautiful? Meditate on the flight of the birds, for their flight is a treasure that you can always have, whenever you need comfort. Let the birds uplift you, and take you up to the heavens.
You have witnessed the flight of birds many times before, but this time, the flight of birds is “a sign for those who believe.”

“And Allah has sent down rain from the sky and given life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who listen” (16:65)

Let us continue our journey, with a little bit of rain. Sit down on the grass, and simply enjoy the rain as it falls down from the sky, bringing with it  an abundance of blessings. And as you watch the water grace the earth with its mercy, remember that you are witnessing the cycle of life. Yes, you have seen rain fall thousands of times, but in this very instant, the rain is “a sign for a people who listen.” So listen to each and every raindrop, for they carry with them wisdom from a far away place, a wisdom that you can always turn to whenever you need it.

“It is Allah who sends the winds, and they stir the clouds and spread them in the sky” (30:48)

Here comes the wind, softly caressing your senses. Invisible, yet there it is, full of mystery. Let us sit a little while longer, and watch as the clouds slowly move along, changing forms and shapes. The winds and the clouds will always be there for you.

“It is he who shows you lightning” (13:12)

It is time to go back inside, and watch the lightning from a safe place. Meditate on lightnings sublime power, on the intense flashes of light, on this glorious sign from the creator.

“He causes to grow for you the herbage, the olives, the date-palms, the grapes, and every kind of fruit. Verily! In this is indeed an evident proof and a manifest sign for people who give thought” (16:11)

Now it is time to eat something. Hopefully, you like olives, dates, and grapes. If not, I am sure that you have at least one favorite fruit. Not only do all of these things taste good, but they are very good for your health also. This is why, fruits and vegetables are “an evident proof and a manifest sign for people who give thought.” So while we eat from the bounties of our earth, let us give thought.
That apple you are eating helps to keep your teeth clean. That carrot that you are munching is great for your eyesight. You who are eating that date, if you only ate dates for two months, your skin would become 5 times more beautiful. Every fruit has its magical property, just as every vegetable has its magical property.

“And what he has created in the earth of varied hues, most surely there is a sign in this for a people who are mindful” (16:12)

From the windows, we can see yellow sunflowers and red roses, the greenest of leaves and the brown of the soil. Colors are wonderful, and they are a big reason as to why our earth is endlessly beautiful. So take in all the colors that you are seeing at this very instant, and know that you can derive infinite peace from them.

“Make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction, but do good, for Allah loveth those who do good” (2:195)

Finally, we finish our trip with a reminder to take care of our own selves, and to always do good.
A reflection on this verse might be to drop that cigarette, which literally is “your own hands contributing to your destruction”?

So, during our Koranic voyage, we observed the flight of birds, the fall of the rains, the winds and the clouds, flashes of lightning, the many colors of nature, and we ate fruits and vegetables. One can say that none of these things are new for us, and yes, I would have to agree, they certainly have been experienced by almost all of us.

But here, we have a chance and an opportunity to look at all these things from a spiritual point of view, from a point of a view that will bring us closer to our creator, closer to God. If you see God in everyone of these things, and if everyone of these things remind you of God, then, you will find an inner peace that you will carry with you forever and always. When your heart can rejoice at something that otherwise might have seemed routine, that is when you start knocking at the door of true happiness. Life truly is about all the things that we encountered on our Koranic journey, and of course, many more things that are to be found in the Koran.

So take the step, and start looking at life with a new pair of eyes.

It was a pleasure to be your guide on this journey. God bless, and stay free 😉


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