Good Night :)

Hello Good people 🙂

After writing over 8000 words in the last post, I’ll try to keep it under 8000 in this one 😉

I hope you all are having a pleasant evening! As for me, I just got kicked out of a Swedish FB group called “Allt Om Islam” (All about Islam)….. (Swedish is my 3rd language)

A sister had asked if it was possible for her to become an Imam and lead men in prayer, and my answer to her was that of course she could and that there was no Koranic prohibition regarding this matter.

Well, my comment was soon followed up by other comments (All men, of course) saying things like “No, you can’t be an Imam and lead men in prayer but it’s only because god doesn’t wanna overburden you etc”, the usual sweet talk….. Sometimes I wonder if people even care about the Koran anymore!

When I tried to post up my follow up comment, it was too late, I had already been shown the cyberspace door…. Well, at least their serious about keeping their group as Islamic as possible! It shows a great degree of commitment!

Anyways, she pressed like on my comment so hopefully, she will keep it in mind and ignore the others.

The group has about 19,000 members, and now, it has 18,999! But that’s ok, because there is a verse that is coming to the rescue :

“And if you obey the majority of those on Earth they will lead you astray; that is because they follow conjecture, and that is because they only guess.” (Quran 6:116)

Well, the 18,999 can keep on guessing!

But I do hope that the veil of “man and his infinite glory” will be lifted from their eyes one day.

Salam to you all, and sweet dreams 🙂


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