A burning heart…..

My heart just burns……

When even one word would be enough to avoid death, when even one gesture would be enough to alter sorrows painful cries, when even one prayer would be enough to turn endless darkness into eternal light, when even one conversation would have brought out blooming flowers from a barren land that had long ago given up on life.

The one word : One! Would he have killed them if he knew that God was one, and as such, since God created all human beings, he was one with the very people that he pulled the trigger of searing hate on? Mankind is one, states the Koran.
“Mankind is a single nation.” (2:213)

The one gesture : Affection! Would he have killed them if he knew that the Koran states that one must do good to “the neighbor who is near to you, and the neighbor who is a stranger”? Would he hate Islam so much if he knew that all Muslims would have to do good to him if he was either one of these two categories of neighbors? One must do good to all, says the Koran.
“Whoever submits himself completely to Allah, and does good to others, he shall have his reward from his Lord.” (2:112)

The one prayer : Peace! Would he have killed them if he knew that everyday, after each prayer, they twice said “Peace and blessings of God be upon you”? That means that they said the word “Peace” at least 34 times a day.

The one conversation : Patience! Would he have killed them if he knew that muslims are supposed to endure with patience the abuse others throw their way with regards to their faith? So that even the people who, in their own words, “Hate religion”, can be turned into warm friends?

“Repel evil with what is best, when lo! He who once was your worst enemy will be like a warm friend.” (41:34)

I write this because I am heart broken that these three beautiful young human beings and muslims are no longer with us, and that they were killed in such a cruel manner. They are gone, they can never come back, and they were killed for absolutely nothing.

Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred, hatred leads to violence, violence leads to murder, and murder is death! This is the process that took place in the man that took their lives. But there is one thing that can alter this process completely, and that is knowledge.

How much more hate must we endure as muslims before we decided to change the situation, once and for all?

As our Prophet (pbuh) said, our Ummah is like one body! If one part is in pain, the whole body is in pain! How much more must our body suffer?

The more we educate others about our faith, the more the hate towards us will decrease, and many lives will be saved!

I finish with these words from Muhammad (pbuh) – “The ink of a scholar is more holy than the blood of a martyr”. Why? Because once you educate the world, you no longer have to die to defend the world from ignorance.

May 23 year old Deah, 21 year old Yusor, and 19 year old Razan, find peace in the next life!

From Allah do we come, and to Allah do we return.



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