Before I Go Sleep, A Reminder To All Men!

“Tell the acknowledging men to lower
their gaze and guard their private parts,
for that is purer for them. God is fully
aware of what you do.” (Quran 24:30) 

These words, my friends, could end the atrocities of Rape for all time. That is right, i said it. ALL TIME!
They are blunt, they are direct, they are firm, and they are needed, just as much today as the day when they were revealed!

My fellow Men, Muslim or Non-Muslim, I have one thing to say to you! Do you know what Jihad is? Jihad is controlling those very same private parts that have inflicted immeasurable suffering upon the other half of humanity since the dawn of time. Jihad is controlling your inner desires and impulses, and instead being kind and helpful to your other halves! Jihad is striving to control all those urges inside your body and mind that could lead you to do something evil, something regrettable, something painful, something sinful, something called Rape!

I speak to all men here because these words are universal and one need not “believe” in God to reflect upon the message of the words. Now, listen to me closely, If one man rapes, then we all have raped. The problem will never disappear unless we all hold each other accountable and open serious and critical dialogues with one another where we are not afraid to call each other out and speak the truth. We should spend entire nights discussing this issue, by the hundreds and by the thousands, and put all our energy into finding lasting solutions! So, let us try to change ourselves so that perhaps our desire when it comes to women can instead be one of having deep and serious conversations, or one of desiring to genuinely help them and be of service to them. These things are infinitely more rewarding than a few minutes of meaningless violence just to draw pleasure at the expense of another human being. So, we can find inspiration for this change within ourselves from this verse :

“The acknowledging men and women,

they are allies to one another. They order
good and deter from evil” (Quran 9:71)

Men, let us reflect on these wise words, and soak them in like the sand soaks in the gentle waves melting into its grains. But while we reflect, let us also keep one foot in reality, and the reality is this! We are the Oppressors, and so the change must come from us, not them. The women have done nothing to us to deserve such evil acts. I repeat, NOTHING! Zero! Nada! There is no argument here! So men, here is what we must do, and if we all do these three things, then rape will become extinct, never to be seen again!

Here Are The Keys To Ending Rape, So Let Us Start Using Them :

1. Let Us Lower Our Gaze (Show respect, do not harbor any desire, be humble)

2. Let Us Guard Our Private Parts (Literally)

3. Kill Our Egos (That is what Islam is all about)

This will be purer for us!

Ps. If you are not Muslim, then this is not “required” of you, however, you should still lower your gaze, guard your private parts, and kill your egos! 😉


2 thoughts on “Before I Go Sleep, A Reminder To All Men!

  1. Hello Joey. Too shy to write to you directly on facbook… I tell you here that I am truly thankful for your post (the 7 page one). It is a beautiful service to reflect the light of love and spread true knowledge. Thank you for educating the truth about Islam.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello 🙂 Oh, what a blessing to be getting such kind words… thank you my friend! And you are welcome, with all the bad stuff said about Islam we should not hesitate to speak the truth about it 🙂


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