The Pashtun Preacher Of Non-Violence

“So let us all, lay down our weapons, because we cannot create peace,

until we bring peace! Education is the best weapon through which we

can fight poverty, ignorance, and terrorism! So i ask all countries, all

around the world, that let us say NO to wars, let us say NO to conflicts!

Why to pick up weapons? Why to kill each other? Why not speak?

Why not talk? I think these, are the best solutions! So let us not pick

up guns, and instead of spending money on these wars and on these

guns and weapons, why not spend this money on education?”


“We have this concept that, a country becomes powerful just because

it has an atom bomb, or it has a lot of weapons and soldiers. I think that

country is not powerful at all. A country becomes powerful, when it’s

people are educated, when its future generations, are educated! So let

us change this concept, and let us try, to focus, on People!

These were the words spoken by the Preacher Of Non-Violence as she accepted her 2014 Liberty Medal in the city of Philadelphia in the United States Of America! The award is presented by the National Constitution Center, and since the ceremony features a heavy dose of American Patriotism, I am sure that the audience had its fair share of people who believe that America’s wars and bombings in other countries are justified for the cause of freedom for all of the worlds people! I could not help but notice that after her call for Non-Violence, the applause was not as enthusiastic as it was for the other parts of her speech! Hmmm, i wonder why 😉 Let us not forget the thousands upon thousands of Americans tuning in on National Television as well to witness this historic moment! However, for those who remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and truly understood his message of Non-Violence, and those who stood alongside him fighting for freedom, I am sure that their hearts were filled with happiness upon hearing her words! 

A Muslim Pakistani girl told America, to their face, on American soil, that you are not a powerful country even though you have the worlds most powerful Military! OUCH! Wait! What?? Aren’t Muslims terrorists? Doesn’t Islam Call for Violence?? What? A Muslim calling for Non-Violence? Whaaat? A girl? A Muslim girl? Seventeen? Arent Muslim girls oppressed? What? Why did she speak a strange language and invoke God at the start of her speech? Who is she to question mighty America??! I am so proud of her for having the guts to speak the TRUTH on such an International stage, for representing that truth in such a dignified manner, and for exploding a thousand stereotypes and myths just by being who she is! This was Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s dream, a beautiful Pashtun daughter preaching Non-Violence on the world stage!

“The Liberty Medal is awarded annually by the National Constitution Center to men and women of courage and conviction who have strived to secure the blessings of liberty to people the world over.”

Sounds familiar, does it not? Blessings of liberty to people the world over! Well, a few bombs here and there are justified if we are fighting for the freedoms of people the world over!

Well, I repeat, and I EMPHASIZE, the Preacher Of Non-Violence was having none of it, and she came to teach America a lesson about the true weapon of a spiritual warrior! She roasted Obama, his government, and their violent ways right there on their home turf, and did so with peaceful passion and utmost conviction! Non-Violence is back on the world stage, and she is leading the charge!

Remember, when Gandhi was asked if Non-Violence, or as he called it, Satyagraha, was the best solution towards solving conflicts, he replied “No, I do not believe that it is the best solution, I believe that it is the ONLY solution!” Well, what did The National Constitution Center expect from the daughter of a country whose independence was won with the weapon of Non-Violence, and who’s country played a big part in influencing the outcome of America’s own Civil Rights Movement, since Dr. King himself cited Gandhi as his biggest influence and even traveled all the way to India himself on a spiritual pilgrimage?

Note : (Pakistan was India before partition, thus, their struggle was equally as Non-Violent as India’s, since they were India)

For good measure, she finished with these words :

“Together, we are stronger than any kind of Violence!”

Enough Said!


Why Abdul Ghaffar Khan Is Our Greatest Hope For Peace!

Abdul Ghaffar Khan is, in my opinion, the greatest peacemaker of all time! He dedicated his entire life to serving his Pashtun people and serving humanity, and did so, without pause, for 80 years! From opening his first girls school in 1910 in his native village of Utmanzai in the North-Western Frontier Province of what then was British India, (now Khyber Pakthunkhwa, Pakistan) until his death on January 20th, 1988, at 98 years old, this man served his people and humanity unlike no other human being has ever served!
From walking 25 miles a day to visit every single village in his part of India for years, to spending countless hours educating and uplifting his fellow Pashtuns, to encouraging Women to participate in every part of society, to turning a people who had such an intense warrior spirit, so much so that the British feared them more than any other people in the world, and who valued their guns more than anything, into history’s first and to this day ONLY Non-Violent army in order to fight against British Rule, to spending over 30 years in jail in the harshest of conditions, and somehow, near the end of his life, at age 95, still having the fire within him to continue to fight for Human Rights, this man is a true diamond of our humanity!
He was saying at age 95 that he had little concern for himself and his well being, only that he had to continue to fight to educate the future generations so that they could build a peaceful world based on Non-Violence!
Yet, moving on, he is virtually unknown outside of India, and Pakistan, and Afganistan (he has roots in all three countries, as the Pashtuns are in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and when he was born, they were in India, until Partition)

The world needs to know, and especially today’s world, that it actually has in its history a Non-Violent Army, an army that was mostly made up of Muslims, had 100,000 soldiers, MEN AND WOMEN, standing as equals, side by side, and was founded by a man who called his Non-Violence “The Weapon Of The Prophet (pbuh).” The world really needs to know this, because this, is the TRUTH! The example of these brave Pashtun people that laid down their lives without taking any life are the example that the world most needs today, and i believe that, from the bottom of my heart!

In Ghaffar Khan’s own words, from 1985 :

“Today’s world is traveling in some strange direction. You see that the world is going toward destruction and violence. And the specialty of violence is to create hatred among people and fear. I am a believer in nonviolence and I say that no peace or tranquility will descend upon the people of the world until nonviolence is practiced, because nonviolence is love and it stirs courage in people.”

I hope that the passion and example of Ghaffar Khan can light the fire of peace in all of our hearts, help to keep the flame alive for those who are going through difficult times, and cause the flame to burn brighter for those who already have it!

Now, i wont say anymore, simply go out, and READ!

Salam! Much love to you all ❤

Always Caring

Before I Go Sleep, A Reminder To All Men!

“Tell the acknowledging men to lower
their gaze and guard their private parts,
for that is purer for them. God is fully
aware of what you do.” (Quran 24:30) 

These words, my friends, could end the atrocities of Rape for all time. That is right, i said it. ALL TIME!
They are blunt, they are direct, they are firm, and they are needed, just as much today as the day when they were revealed!

My fellow Men, Muslim or Non-Muslim, I have one thing to say to you! Do you know what Jihad is? Jihad is controlling those very same private parts that have inflicted immeasurable suffering upon the other half of humanity since the dawn of time. Jihad is controlling your inner desires and impulses, and instead being kind and helpful to your other halves! Jihad is striving to control all those urges inside your body and mind that could lead you to do something evil, something regrettable, something painful, something sinful, something called Rape!

I speak to all men here because these words are universal and one need not “believe” in God to reflect upon the message of the words. Now, listen to me closely, If one man rapes, then we all have raped. The problem will never disappear unless we all hold each other accountable and open serious and critical dialogues with one another where we are not afraid to call each other out and speak the truth. We should spend entire nights discussing this issue, by the hundreds and by the thousands, and put all our energy into finding lasting solutions! So, let us try to change ourselves so that perhaps our desire when it comes to women can instead be one of having deep and serious conversations, or one of desiring to genuinely help them and be of service to them. These things are infinitely more rewarding than a few minutes of meaningless violence just to draw pleasure at the expense of another human being. So, we can find inspiration for this change within ourselves from this verse :

“The acknowledging men and women,

they are allies to one another. They order
good and deter from evil” (Quran 9:71)

Men, let us reflect on these wise words, and soak them in like the sand soaks in the gentle waves melting into its grains. But while we reflect, let us also keep one foot in reality, and the reality is this! We are the Oppressors, and so the change must come from us, not them. The women have done nothing to us to deserve such evil acts. I repeat, NOTHING! Zero! Nada! There is no argument here! So men, here is what we must do, and if we all do these three things, then rape will become extinct, never to be seen again!

Here Are The Keys To Ending Rape, So Let Us Start Using Them :

1. Let Us Lower Our Gaze (Show respect, do not harbor any desire, be humble)

2. Let Us Guard Our Private Parts (Literally)

3. Kill Our Egos (That is what Islam is all about)

This will be purer for us!

Ps. If you are not Muslim, then this is not “required” of you, however, you should still lower your gaze, guard your private parts, and kill your egos! 😉

Reflections On A Verse That Calls For Selfless Service………. (Warning! Long Post! But Please Read ;)

“Those who were already firmly established in their homes
and firmly rooted in faith, showed love for those who migrated
to them for refuge and harbored no desire in their hearts
for what had been given to them. They gave them preference
over themselves, even if they too, like them, were poor. It is those who were
saved from the greed of their own souls
who were successful.” (Qur’an 59:9)

I came across this verse a few days ago, and it struck a very deep chord within me. I read it over and over again, trying to understand exactly what the words meant, and now, after much reflection and thought, I feel that i must share this verse with all of you, and hopefully in turn you can also reflect upon these words.

My friends, this verse is a treasure, and holds within it many pearls of wisdom. The message is timeless, and one can apply it to any situation that has to do with dealing with other people. An elderly woman that just got on the bus and needs a seat? The words are telling us to give her preference over ourselves and politely offer her our seat. A little brother or sister that wants a bedtime story even though you have a huge test the next day and need to seriously study? The words are telling us, for sure, to read them that story. The studying can wait an extra 20 minutes. These are just examples that i am coming up with just from the top of my head, but basically, this verse is calling on us to adopt the spirit of selfless service, and what a blessing it is to know that we can refer to it at anytime in order to draw strength and courage from it.

Now, i will lead you to another point. I do not know how many of you are following the political scene in Europe at the present moment, but lately, we have been witnessing a rise of fascism and the extreme right. Parties that are anti-immigration and openly racist towards the minorities within their own countries and refugees that are seeking asylum within those countries are becoming more and more common, and thus, this is leading to a “normalization” of racism. I think we all know what happens when hate towards others becomes normalized, as we only need to look back to the 40’s to witness the horrible result of such evil influence over the masses.
Anyways, in my beautiful and calm country of Sweden, we have one such party. They are called the “Swedish Democrats” (Sverige Demokraterna in Swedish) and have their roots in the Swedish Neo-Nazi movement of the 1980s. They won 13 percent of the votes during the recent national elections, an improvement of 7 percent over their 2010 results, thus now making them Sweden’s 3rd biggest political party. Back in the 1980’s and early 90’s, their propaganda was full of backwards and medieval ideas, such as telling Swedish girls to refrain from having intercourse with Africans that carried “deadly aids”, and pleading with them to not dishonor their pure Swedish race. Their Motto at the time was “Bevara Sverige Svenskt” which meant “Keep Sweden Swedish.” One can wonder, how exactly did such a party garner a sweet 13 percent and make their way into parliament? Well, they employed the strategy of cleaning up. Led by their charismatic 35 year old party leader Jimmie Åkesson, they genuinely came out in the early 2000’s saying that their racist past was exactly that, past, and employed a zero tolerance towards racism approach that worked wonders towards winning over the untrained mind. So from 2004 to 2014, they fed Sweden by the spoon, saying over and over again that immigrants and immigration were the causes of Sweden’s various problems, but that yet somehow, they were by no means racist. So now, as we can see, they have “Trojan Horsed” their way into government.

The party leader has gone on record saying that Islam is the biggest threat towards Sweden, and that Islam is a threat towards integration, and can never be integrated into Swedish society. As for the party, they seriously want to cut down on immigration, and drastically close Sweden’s borders. Sweden, a country famous for its liberal views and its pro-immigration policy, is slowly heading down towards dark waters. So now, after having hopefully sufficiently explained the situation of my country, i feel like i can finally bring you towards my point, and its connection with the Quranic verse. Pretend you were sitting in your kitchen, cooking food, when all of a sudden, over the sound of boiling pasta and bubbling tomato sauce, you would hear a gunshot. Then two! Then three! And out of the deafening haze of sound, you would hear a scream, a scream so tortured that it would seem as if it was cutting through air itself, causing the air to drop to the ground like the limbs of a dead body. Frantic and frenzied footsteps would follow, pounding the earth with every desperate movement away from inescapable death, until finally, you would hear heavy knocks and shrilling screams, clawing at your front door. What would you do? Would you simply carry on, finish cooking your delicious spaghetti and creamy tomato sauce, sit down at your dining room table for a lavish meal, listen as the final gunshot separated the body from the soul, and feel the thump of the now deceased body crash into the wooden splinters of your front porch ? Or would you simply let your pasta boil over, let your tomato sauce burn, and rush out to save your fellow human being, compelled beyond yourself by the deep instincts of your true human nature?

If you even have to think for one second about what you would do, then let the Quran simply come in and remind you of your duty :

“They show love for those who migrated
to them for refuge”

There it is, without an atom of a doubt, without any argument, without any petty and insignificant excuses. I am sorry, but when it comes to someones life, it is no laughing matter, and it is not a game. When one part of the world is at war, and your country is at peace, the LEAST you can do is to open your door for those seeking to survive just one more second, one more minute, one more hour, one more day, one more week, one more month, and one more year. So pretend for one second, that your home, is Sweden, that your front door, is the border, that the gunshots are the bombs falling over and over again, that the tortured screams are the innocent people, feeling pain exactly the same way that you would feel pain if you were in their situation, that the footsteps are the pounding feet of millions upon millions of refugees, and that the knocks at your door are the seekers of asylum, desperately wishing and hoping to be granted refuge in your home, in your country, in your Sweden. Keep it in your mind, and make sure to keep it FRESH!

Now, i will break down the Quranic verse to show just how relevant it is to the current situation. For added effect, I will also move the verse to the present tense.

1. “You who are already firmly established in your homes”  This refers to Jimmie Åkesson and his Swedish Democrats, who without a doubt are firmly established in their homes in every way, with comfortable beds to sleep in at night, heating so as not to feel the chilling winter cold, an abundance of wealth with which they afford the basic necessities of life, not to mention food on their tables, access to health care, and more than enough money left over for such things as useless, (in the eyes of refugees anyways) as entertainment, and so on. Yes, the crew is “firmly established.”

2. “And firmly rooted in faith” – I do not know how firmly rooted in faith Jimmie and the gang are, however i do know that they consider Islam as a serious threat to Christianity, and thus, this must mean that they must have a few Christians in the party, otherwise they wouldn’t even bother to mention such a thing. However, faith need not apply in this situation, only a moderate portion of common sense. So we can translate this line of the verse as “and firmly rooted in common sense.”

3. “Show love to those who have migrated to you for refuge” – Ah, you see, this is where things get interesting. Closing your border to those who have migrated to you, seeking refuge, is not showing love, and in fact, i will go as far as to saying that it is showing the exact opposite, it is showing hate, and a total disregard for the value of human life. Funny how the same Muslims that they are openly hating on would be forced to show love to them if the situation was reversed, according to their “dangerous” Islamic religion.

4. “And harbor no desire in your hearts for what is given to them” – Here, I can speak to the general Swedish people who have voted for SD. (Note that i say general) The usual and typical argument for the natives of a country who are bitter towards immigrants are as follows : they are taking all the jobs, they are abusing the social service system and getting too much “free” money and help, they have special “immigrant privileges” such as if Muhammad calls for a job, and Svensson calls for a job, Muhammad will get the job because the company does not want to seem “racist” by giving Svensson the job over Muhammad, they are getting free classes to learn Swedish but are not learning fast enough, they have been given the right to build mosques, and so on. Hey people, remember, you are to harbor no desire in your hearts for what is “given” to them, which in reality, is nothing more than what you are given, which is the right to live as human being under Swedish law. Remember that.

5. “You are to give them preference over yourselves” – Ouch, this one hurts. Would it not be lovely if Åkesson and the all star crew invited refugees and immigrants right into their homes, personally made them dinners, complete with such traditional Swedish foods such as Potatoes, Meatballs, and Gravy, and then let them sleep in their warm and fluffy IKEA beds? After all, that is exactly what “giving them preference over yourselves” means. The words also have the same meaning as the words of Prophet Jesus when he said “If someone asks for your shirt, give them your coat also.” Wait, Prophet Jesus? Do you not mean Jesus, the son of God, the beloved of all the Christians? Sorry to give you the bad news, but we Muslims also follow Jesus and his Gospel. Anyways SD, the refugees are asking for the right to live in your country, so you should also give them your houses as well. Ah well, if that is too much to ask, why not open soup kitchens full of love and warm food, and teach the refugees Swedish yourself, that way they can quicker integrate into society and live happy lives as new members of your glorious nation, Sweden? Remember friends, “Give them preference over yourselves.”

6. “even if you too, like them, are poor” –  Ouch!! I think this one hurts even more. Jimmie and the all stars of Sweden, can you imagine that even if you were poor, you would STILL have to give preference to those seeking refuge in your land? Imagine this scenario Jimmie. You have a one room apartment, with a wife and five children, and cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents running in and out. You barely have enough to feed your loved ones, but you are hanging on, by working overtime as a janitor in a McDonald’s during the night-shifts. Then along comes a refugee, and somehow, you still have to make room for him in your home, you still have to show hospitality and humanity to him, even though it is not materially possible for you to do so. So every night, before you go head on to your night shift, that extra piece of bread that you would save for yourself, to give you strength to last through the night shift cleaning the sticky floors at McDonald’s, you give to him, because this is simply the Quranic and human thing to do. But hey, you are not poor, you do not have a one room apartment, you do not have a wife and five children, and thank God that you do not have to work that awful night shift at McDonald’s washing the sticky floors. Hey, things are great. Actually, things are fantastic. You have a beautiful wife, more than capable of holding things down on her own, and one beautiful baby boy. However my friend, things are getting better. You are the leader of Sweden’s 3rd largest political party. Wow, congratulations. With all that power in your hands, you can really help those seeking refuge in your magnificent paradise of Sweden. Remember, even if you were poor, you would have to, but now that you are pretty well off financially and are a Politician, meaning that your job is to work for the betterment of the people, then my friend, the sky truly is the limit.

7. “It is those who are saved from the greed of their own souls who are successful.” – Now, here comes the hard and bitter truth. The truth that to you feels colder than your bare feet walking on the surface of the chilling snow, with each step sending shivers throughout your body to the point where you almost faint from pain, but somehow you keep walking, because that is what you are so good at, ignoring the agonizing calls of your own human nature that are telling you to do good in this world, to realize that your greed is indeed killing you from the inside, and that it will never be too late to change and once and for all kill your ego and truly give yourself, with all the goodness and love that is in your heart, to all of your humanity, not just your fellow Swedish people that you love so dearly. Imagine Jimmie, how great a person you could be if the passion that you felt for Sweden, you felt for the entire world, if what you felt for that beautiful 15 year old Swedish boy with deep blue eyes and blazing blonde hair, you could feel for that beautiful 15 year old Syrian boy with dark brown eyes and burning brown hair, if what you felt for the elderly people of your native land, you could feel for the elderly of those in countries torn apart by war, being carried on the backs of their sons and daughters, away from the bombs and devastation of violence? Jimmie, you have so much passion, and as a politician, you have endless talent. But you are using your passion, and your talents, in the wrong way, because you are using them selfishly, and only to the gain of one group of people, and that is your own Swedes. Listen to me my friend, I love your country, and I love your people. You have, in my opinion, the most beautiful forests and lakes in the world, and some of the kindest and nicest people i have ever met. Your red houses covered in glistening white snow are beautiful, and your summer skies with the sun that never sets are breathtaking. Why should us who are not Swedish not be able to enjoy this beautiful country of yours? We are people, just like you. Listen brother, I have never met you, but i can tell you right now, that i love you, and do you know why? First of all, because my mother raised me with realness, and she taught me from day one to be kind to everyone, and to love everyone. Do you know why else i love you? Because you are my brother in humanity, because the rain falls over you, just like it falls over me, because the words of My Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, tell me to do good to those that do not do good to me, and because my Holy Quran tells me that no matter what, your well being is more important than mine if you need my help. So do not forget, if you ever need my help my friend, you or any of your other party members, then my bed is yours, my food is yours, and my heart is yours. And also, I speak for all immigrants, i speak for all refugees, and i speak for all Muslims when i say that our beds are yours, our food is yours, our homes are yours, and our hearts are yours. So save yourself from the greed of your own soul brother Jimmie, and come and join your hands with the rest of your humanity. We are waiting for you my friend, we are waiting for you. 

Poem For Puja

I travelled alone throughout North-Western India in August, and while i was in Rajasthan, in the city of Pushkar, I met a young lady called Puja. In Hindi, Puja means both “prayer” and “worship.” Puja is 12, is a street kid and doesn’t go to school, but she has been blessed with pure musicality! Watching her play her drum was heavier than any concert I had ever seen back home. She Was rhythm. I saw her on several other occasions. One time she was walking around with a big plastic bag collecting garbage so that she could perhaps sell it if she found anything of value. It burned my heart to see that, but when reality hits that hard, you just have to go along with it, at least for the time being. Our conversation was limited, due to my poor Hindi and her poor English, but just being in her presence was enough. In my mind, she has come to encompass every aspect of India that I experienced, and that is happiness, joy, kindness, faith, and appreciation of simply living life. She, like India, became a real friend, and she, like India, became a diamond for me. Puja, the 12 year old girl, is India.

So, when i was invited to play at the Uppsala Guitar Festival in the Swedish town of Uppsala, to be the opening act for fellow guitarist Jennifer Batten, it hit me. This was a blessing, because now, i would be able to present my sister Puja through music, and to a large audience. So i got some words together, a short poem, and put them together into a song. Two hours before my “spot”, and we can literally call it a spot, because the festival organiser Klaus, a very nice man by the way, had told me “you get ten minutes and thats it”, i was sitting in the hotel, getting the song together and hoping that i would be able to get the message across to the audience. The festival itself took place in a very fancy and state of the art building. It was almost cleaner than a hospital and had these giant escalators that made no noise at all. Everything inside that building was in tip top shape. For lunch, there was an all you can eat buffet, many people in suits, and specialy designed silverware. As for the concert hall itself, it was one of perfection. The seats were very comfortable, the sound engineer’s equipment was as good as it could possibly get, the stage itself was in magnificent condition and the microphones that they had were some of the best in the world. Backstage, the stage crew had walkie talkies, there were screens that showed what was going on in the concert hall, and giant digital clocks that showed exactly what time it was. So, seeing all this, and after having taken it all in, i figured that this would be the perfect place to spread the message of “you can make a difference in children’s lives if you take that money that you would otherwise spend on a fancy car out of your pocket and send them to school for life instead.” (While volunteering  at a girls school, also in Pushkar, i was shocked at how little money it cost to send a girl to school for one year, and was so disheartened by the fact that one phone was the same price as sending a girl to school for three years!) I must also add that i had the suits that i had seen at lunchtime in mind when i thought this, not the actual audience, for i had not seen them yet. So, when I finally stepped out on stage, i looked out at the audience, and my eyes were telling me that there were at least 400 people out there. 400 people that i could take with me to that moment when i sat on the cracked sidewalk and listened to Puja play her drum, and play it so so very well. 400 people that i could take with me to that moment when Puja told me that she was 12, and had neither a mother, nor a father. 400 people that i could take with me to that moment when she smiled, and the whole world seemed to stand still, for this was the smile of a survivor, a smile that knew so much more about life than I ever would. 400 people that i could take with me to that moment when this child said goodbye to me and continued on her way, her and her drum, simply living life in this instant, not in the past, nor in the future, but firmly rooted in the present like a wise, ancient tree. 400 people that i could hopefully encourage to look past their own lives, and look into the lives of others. 400 people that i could send home with a seed, a seed that would bloom if they watered it with care, love, concern, affection, curiosity, and a willingness to reach out to a side of their humanity that does not have food for the day, a roof for the night, and education for their lives. 400 people that, if they were not aware of the harsh reality of their brothers and sisters also sharing this planet earth with them before stepping into the concert hall, would for sure be aware of it upon stepping out.

Our world is our home, of this I have no doubt, and so dont we always ask our guests when they come over to our homes the following questions? “Are you hungry? Do you want anything to drink? Shall i go and prepare your bed for the night?” We ask these things out of care for our guests, because we truly want them to feel comfortable in our homes, and we ask these things regardless of if the people are actually hungry or not. So dont we want the guests of our one common home, our world, to feel truly comfortable and taken care of, especially when they are hungry? We all care, deep inside! We all care, I believe this, and I know this! But in order for us to turn our care into action and service, we have to open our hearts to the sufferings of our brothers and sisters! We have to feel their pain, and we can’t be afraid to kick down the doors and smash the windows of our comfortable lives! I would like to tell you now, that our world is very hungry, and if you listen close enough, you will hear its stomache moan! Our world would very much like to have something to drink, and if you look close enough, you will be able to see its dry, cracked lips hoping for a cup of water, and to finish, if we have an extra bed, well then our world would love it if we went and prepared a bed for it to sleep in tonight.

I conclude by saying that, as people, it is our responsibilty to simply convey the message. No matter what your medium of expression may be, simply convey the message, and never, ever hesitate to do so. This is the true struggle, this is the true “Jihad”. 

– Here is the poem I wrote for her –

I remember you, Sister, you sat there, and played your drum for me, your rhythms flowed, and became steady earth, upon which i could rest my weary soul,
No Father, No Mother, No Brother, No Sister, so little food, so little water, only yesterdays rags, to cover the delicate brown of your skin, only yesterdays rags, to cover the sacred black of your hair, streaming down like tears, the purity of your gaze, suffering, without the slightest pain,
and then, you left, carrying your drum, your rhythms, safely resting inside your spirit, walking away, with your gift, the gift of music,
your shadow, following, deeper than a thousand nights,
walk on, oh beautiful princess, walk on, you are my steady earth, and i am the dust, along your path,
I remember you, India……